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No Water from the timer, but I can manually turn the valve on.

Many sprinkler issues can cause stress.  Nothing is more frustrating than fertilizing and then finding out that your sprinkler system is not in the mood to help out.  I know it sounds funny, but sometimes that is all it is.  The Sprinkler system not in the mood.

For Example, It rains for a few days and stays cloudy.  Your Rain Sensor may be preventing the system from operating because it is wet.  That is the entire function of a rain sensor to save water and not allow the system to operate when it is wet.

Often times the suggestion of a rain sensor preventing the sprinklers from operating is met with the reply, “My rain sensor is bypassed at the controller with a bypass switch.”  This can only happen if the rain sensor was directly wired into the irrigation timer or controller.  The only way to know if the rain sensor bypass switch will operate at the controller is to open the controller to view the terminal strips and look to see if the sensor posts on the terminal strip are connected to the rain sensor or just a jumper wire or strip.

The other common response is “I do not have a rain sensor.”  They are not that hard to locate.  Usually near the controller or on a fence or gutter.

Once you locate the rain sensor there is usually a way to disarm it at the sensor.  Once dis armed you can try to operate the sprinklers at the controller.

Whatever you do, Do not cut it out!  This will cause more stress and have to be repaired.


Good Luck.

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