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Trouble Shooting a sprinkler system

No Water from the timer, but I can manually turn the valve on.

Many sprinkler issues can cause stress.  Nothing is more frustrating than fertilizing and then finding out that your sprinkler system is not in the mood to help out.  I know it sounds funny, but sometimes that is all it is.  The Sprinkler system not in the mood. For Example, It rains for a few days […]

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The Problem, One zone is not working!

This is the valve repair that takes a little bit of time, follow these steps. 1. Locate the valve in the yard that is not working whether it is not closing or opening. This may require using a wire locating device or calling out a pro that has one. If you can’t locate it, you […]

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The Problem, My Sprinklers Are not working!!!

This is one of the most common repair calls we receive, and it is usually one of the easiest to get closure on. It is very often the case that the Backflow Device is in the closed position, this will interrupt the water supply to the sprinkler system. The controller will look like it is […]

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